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Can Judes cloth diapers also be used for older/heavier babies (12kg and above)?Updated 4 months ago

Currently, we have two sizes: Size 1 from birth to approximately 8kg and Size 2 from about 7 to approximately 15kg. These weight guidelines are a rough estimate. However, they should be approached with caution, as it's actually more about hip circumference. 

If your baby is relatively large, it might weigh more than 15kg, but still have a slim enough hip circumference to wear Judes. Typically, weight gain slows down after about a year. Thus, we can indeed assume that Judes will fit your baby for a longer period. Of course, every baby is different. And so, it might be that your baby soon exceeds the 15kg mark. However, statistically speaking, this is unlikely.

We currently do not offer sizes beyond Size 2. But please feel free to write to us at [email protected], because only then can we see what needs you, the customers, have and, if necessary, respond to them :)


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