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Ordering Size 1 or 2 in the Trial Set?Updated 4 months ago

We have two sizes: Size 1 from birth up to approx. 8kg and Size 2 from approx. 7kg up to about 15kg. These kilogram indications are a rough guide. However, they should be taken with caution, since it actually mainly depends on the hip and thigh circumference. If your baby is relatively large, it may weigh more than 8kg but still be slim enough around the hips to wear Judes Size 1. That's why we've built in some leeway. This means, both Size 1 and Size 2 will fit your baby for a certain period of time. Therefore, when in doubt, it should not matter whether you order Size 1 or 2 in the trial set. By the way, there's a trick to adjust the fit to your baby: You can tuck the ruffles of the inner diapers inward. Then Size 2 will also fit earlier than the stated 7kg!

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