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Can I travel with Judes?Updated 4 months ago

Vacationing with a child will be a great experience. We are excited for you! Many parents worry about whether diapering sustainably is possible while traveling. You are not alone! We can alleviate those fears, as diapering with Judes on the go is very simple and absolutely feasible. The only important thing is that you have access to a washing machine. In Southeast Asia, it's common for hotels to either have washing machines available or for there to be affordable laundry facilities - or services in town. If needed, hand washing is also no problem from time to time, especially if the diaper is only wet with urine. When hand washing, it's best to make sure the water is as hot as possible and that you soak the diapers thoroughly. The advantage in a warm country, of course, is air drying in the sun. Our inner diapers should be dry within a few hours if you use the midday sun. If there happens to be bad weather, the inner diapers will dry on the line within 24 hours, but can also go in the dryer! Regarding the quantity, naturally, it depends on how often you can do laundry on vacation. With the Classic Set (28 inner diapers and 8 covers), we anticipate a laundry rhythm of 3-4 days. However, many Judes Families take slightly fewer diapers on vacation and wash a bit more frequently, especially with older children.

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