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How often can the diaper cover be reused?

Our diaper covers can be reused as long as they do not smell unpleasant or are dirty. Usually, this is after about 3-4 uses. Even if they are clean and do not stink, you should let them air out for some time after each use and not use them again imme

Can I skip the cover?

The cover is absolutely necessary as it acts as a water barrier. While our inner diaper absorbs the pee, the cover ensures that the pee stays inside. Our covers are made of two layers of breathable recycled polyester. The outer, colored layer is not

How does the Poo Paper work?

For bowel movements, we have our Poo Paper: You can simply lay our Poo Paper inside the inner diaper, so that the solid waste is caught by our Poo Paper. This keeps the bowel movement separate from the inner diaper (we have created an explanatory vid

How long does the Poo Paper last?

It strongly depends on your usage. There are parents who wash the Poo Paper and then reuse it. It also depends on the frequency of your baby's bowel movements. We would roughly estimate 1-3 sheets per day. #DiaperLiner #ReusePooPaper #reuse #usemulti

How do I dispose of the Poop Liner? In the toilet?

In theory, the Poop Liner can also be flushed down the toilet - but depending on how old the house / pipes are, this could lead to blockages. Therefore, we recommend disposing of it in the trash as a precaution. Our Poop Liner is biodegradable, but i

Do I need to use Poo Paper with breastfed baby stools?

Poo Paper is not necessarily needed at the beginning with breastfed baby stools, as the stools are water-soluble and the soiled diaper can be completely cleaned in the washing machine. However, some Judes parents also use Poo Paper with breastfed bab

When/how often should I insert the Poo Paper?

Indeed, many children (similar to adults) have a rhythm to their bowel movements. Therefore, it's often quite possible to "time" when to insert the Poo Paper. If you notice no regularity in your child's pattern, you can choose to insert it every time

Can Judes also be used as swim diapers?

You can also use our outer cover as a swim diaper. So, you just leave the inner diaper out and only put on the outer cover! Swim diapers should fundamentally not have absorbency because otherwise, they would absorb the bath water, which could pull th

How should I spin Judes diapers during washing?

You can wash all your Judes gear, from the washcloths to the outer cover, together at 60 degrees and "normal" spin - that is, at no more than 1,000 revolutions. We recommend just using the usual cottons wash program, of course with a pre-wash :). #Ju

Do Judes diapers stay leak-proof all night?

Judes are leak-proof all night long (up to 12 hours), making them an excellent choice for nighttime use. Long explanation: Our fabric is very absorbent thanks to our particularly fine weave and the shape (Judes wrap around the child's entire body, th

Can Judes be used for newborns (despite the umbilical cord stump)?

Judes in size One are designed by us to be comfortably worn even in the first days of a newborn's life. Before the umbilical cord stump falls off, care should be taken to ensure the area does not come into contact with stool or urine. Judes fit low e

When do I need the booster?

Judes diapers absorb liquids extremely well. This is because we use a very tightly woven fabric that is made exclusively for us. For the Judes inner diaper, we layer this fabric in 12 layers, so a significant amount of liquid can be absorbed without

Can you wash breast milk stools hygienically?

Indeed, breast milk stool is absolutely water-soluble and is thus completely washed out of the diaper and completely removed from the washing machine during pumping. For this reason, it is important to always use a pre-wash, so that coarse impurities

Do the diapers not stink in the diaper bag?

Actually, diapers stored in the diaper bag smell surprisingly little. This is because air can circulate well in our diaper bag. The fabric is breathable, thus hardly any smells are produced. However, if you store the diapers in an airtight manner, un

Do I need to wash or prewash Judes before the first use?

To remove the natural oils from the cotton plant fibers, we recommend washing the inner diapers & boosters at least once at 60 degrees before you use them. With each wash, the absorbency of your inner diapers will improve until the maximum absorbency

Can I combine Judes with muslin diapers or prefolds?

Our system is designed so that the inner diaper and the cover are perfectly matched to each other. In combination, they simply seal the best! Fundamentally, Judes is a system that is coordinated in all details, which is why it works so well. Neverthe

Can I travel with Judes?

Vacationing with a child will be a great experience. We are excited for you! Many parents worry about whether diapering sustainably is possible while traveling. You are not alone! We can alleviate those fears, as diapering with Judes on the go is ver

What costs are incurred by washing?

We've done the math. However, the costs vary greatly depending on which set you use, how often you wash, and whether you use a dryer. You can find the exact calculations under each set on the set product pages. One thing is certain: in most cases, wa

How does the washing work?

We designed Judes to make washing and drying as easy as possible. You first wash Judes in a rinse cycle, then normally at 60°C and a maximum of 1000 revolutions! 🙂 They can be air-dried or dried in the dryer. Here is a detailed explanation of how th

What detergent should I use?

We've become quite savvy on the topic and can offer a clear recommendation. You can basically use any universal detergent. Preferably as eco-friendly and fragrance-free as possible. We do not recommend fabric softener, as it decreases absorbency. We

Do the diapers need to be washed immediately after a bowel movement?

No, Judes diapers do not need to be washed immediately after a bowel movement - You can first put them into our diaper bag and wash them after 3-4 days. The Judes cover can usually just be hung out to dry. Otherwise, it can also be machine washed at

Does washing Judes release microplastics?

Every plastic product sheds microplastics. However, studies have shown that polyester covers - especially high-quality polyester like in our Judes covers - release only negligible amounts of microplastics (Source). The less often the cover is washed,

What happens with the poop?

For dealing with poop, we have our Poo Paper: You can simply place our Poo Paper inside the diaper so that it catches the solid waste. This keeps the poop separate from the inner diaper (we have created an explanatory video on our Instagram account:

Using Creams / Healing Clay with Judes Cloth Diapers

Applying cream or healing clay on the baby's bottom is generally not a problem for the inner diaper as long as it is applied thinly. Over time, deposits may occur. However, a thorough washing routine is sufficient to remove these. #InnerDiaper #Cream

Are Judes really more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers? What is the energy balance of washing?

Many parents have concerns about the energy footprint of Judes.In fact, Judes are even more sustainable in terms of water, waste, and electricity consumption compared to disposable diapers. If you diaper your child sustainably with Judes for 3 years,

How often to change? When do I need to change the diaper?

During the day, it is normal and advisable to change the diaper every 2-3 hours. Regardless of whether you use cloth diapers or disposables, this is generally the healthiest interval. At night, it's totally okay for the diaper to be worn for up to 8

How long do Judes take to dry? How do I dry Judes?

How long Judes take to dry greatly depends on how and where they are dried. Hanging outside on the line in the sun during summer, drying can take less than an hour. In a cramped apartment during winter, however, it can take longer than 24 hours. You