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What happens with the poop?Updated 2 months ago

For dealing with poop, we have our Poo Paper: You can simply place our Poo Paper inside the diaper so that it catches the solid waste. This keeps the poop separate from the inner diaper (we have created an explanatory video on our Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/judes_family/). Our Poo Paper is designed to allow pee to pass through while catching everything bigger. The biodegradable Poo Paper is to be disposed of while the inner diaper, only soaked with pee, goes into the diaper bag unharmed. As long as your baby is not on solid food, their stools are still liquid enough that they can be safely washed out in the washing machine at 60°C. If any discoloration is visible after washing, it suffices to let the diaper dry in the sun. It will bleach in the sunlight and return to its original white. However, there are some Judes Families who also use Poo Paper with milk stools - but as we see it, that's not necessary! 🙂 #Does the diaper go into the washing machine with the poop?

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