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Do Judes diapers stay leak-proof all night?Updated 4 months ago

Judes are leak-proof all night long (up to 12 hours), making them an excellent choice for nighttime use. 

Long explanation: Our fabric is very absorbent thanks to our particularly fine weave and the shape (Judes wrap around the child's entire body, thus having a large area to absorb liquid). 

In addition, we offer booster pads that you can add extra at night - for those who pee a lot, you can even use several boosters at the same time. The surface of the booster is made of cotton fleece, which is especially soft on the baby's bottom. 

By the way: Many parents are concerned that the wet diaper is uncomfortable for the baby and that it prevents them from sleeping through the night. Actually, the baby does not notice the wet diaper because it is at the body temperature. Only when it is removed does it become cold and feels unpleasantly wet.

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