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Hook-and-loop fastener comes off during washingUpdated 4 months ago

In an earlier batch of our Inner Diaper 1.0, unfortunately, the hook-and-loop fastener often came off during washing. Indeed, we have already corrected this issue. We are now selling the new inner diapers with an improved counter hook-and-loop that stays put even during washing.

If you still experience issues with the hook-and-loop opening, here's a little hack: close the diaper loosely before washing and then turn it inside out. This way, the hook-and-loop fastens very securely, and the diaper even gets cleaner more easily!

Another note: Our products should only be spun at a maximum of 1000 revolutions to avoid overstressing the material. And the hook-and-loop fastens more tightly at 100 revolutions. :) 

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