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I'm having issues with the detergent - what could be the reason?

Are you using the Frosch Aloe Vera Sensitive Liquid Laundry Detergent?. Indeed, several families have had issues with it (as well as with Frosch Citrus Powder Detergent). The Aloe Vera detergent can cause the cotton fabric to not absorb moisture well

Our child wiggles, turns, and twists during diaper changes

We celebrate and rejoice when our baby turns over on their own for the first time, starts to crawl or attempts to stand and walk! The increasing joy of mobility is a welcomed progress in baby's development, but at the same time, it makes diaper chang

The Breastfed Baby's Poop is Soaking Through the Poo Paper - Is That Normal?

It's completely normal and intentional for breastfed baby's poop to soak through the Poo Paper. Our Poo Paper is designed to allow anything liquid to pass through - it's only meant to catch the solids. Residues, especially with breastfed baby's poop,

Hook-and-loop fastener comes off during washing

In an earlier batch of our Inner Diaper 1.0, unfortunately, the hook-and-loop fastener often came off during washing. Indeed, we have already corrected this issue. We are now selling the new inner diapers with an improved counter hook-and-loop that s

Our inner diapers are showing stains - what can I do?

Residues are quite normal, especially with milk stool. However, the stains are purely cosmetic in nature, completely hygienic, and can be easily removed!. The best trick actually works by laying the diapers in the sun - within a few minutes, the stai

Is the wetness or urine on the skin intolerable for my baby?

Indeed, it's normal for the inner diaper to be wet - and we've intentionally designed it that way. While disposable diapers feel dry all the time due to their super absorbers, cloth diapers are a natural product. However, this is not a problem; on th

Judes causes pressure marks - is that normal?

To a certain extent, pressure marks are normal and do not bother the baby. Do you feel like your child is uncomfortable with the pressure from the elastics? Especially in babies who are not yet mobile, it can be quite normal for imprints to form (jus

Judes are leaking, not waterproof - what can I do?

We totally understand that it's not satisfying when Judes are not yet reliably waterproof, because actually, this is one of our biggest strengths! Here are some points that can help prevent Judes from leaking. #leaking #notwaterproof #absorbentmateri

Size 1 / Size 2 no longer fits my baby, even though the weight is within the range.

Size 1 fits from birth up to a weight of about 8kg. Size 2 from about 7kg up to about 15kg. However, these figures are only guidelines, as it mainly depends on the leg and hip circumference. If you're unsure whether Judes still fits your baby, send u

Can I use Judes for eczema?

Especially for irritated baby skin, it is beneficial to diaper sustainably with cloth diapers. We use 100% organic cotton, and unlike disposable diapers, Judes do not have super absorbents that withdraw moisture from the skin. Additionally, urine con

Is the Poo Paper too big? The Poo Paper is sticking out of the diaper

We have intentionally designed the Poo Paper to be large so that it reliably keeps the stool away from the diaper. You can simply lay it inside the diaper in its full size. If something of the Poo Paper is still sticking out of the diaper after putti

The diapers smell, what can I do? Stripping diapers

If the diapers smell, it can have various reasons. First, the question arises: When do the diapers smell?. 1. The diapers smell after unwrappingIf the diaper has been on the child for a long time (diapering interval from 4h), e.g., overnight, urea br

The diapers are causing skin irritation/ What to do if skin irritation occurs?

If your baby gets skin irritations from Judes, it can have various causes:. 1. Judes are not hygienically clean after washing. If Judes are not completely freed from germs, urine, and feces during washing, these residues remain on the fabric and get

The diapers have become hard/stiff after washing. How can I remove lime from the diapers?

Washing the diapers in very hard, calcareous water can make them stiff and hard over time. However, there are a few tricks to make the diapers soft again. 1. Kneading: just knead the diapers vigorously after drying. They will become soft again. 2. Vi

The diapers shrink during washing

Our inner diapers are manufactured taking into account an expected shrinkage of about 5%, after which they will have the perfect fit. With a natural fabric like our cotton, this is unavoidable. However, this only happens after the first few washes, a

How do I update my payment information after a failed transaction?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to update your payment information after a failed transaction:. After changing the payment details, you do not need to do anything further; we will try to collect the money again within the next few days and inform

Can I reach you by phone? Can I call you?

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Email ([email protected]), you can also reach us via Google Meet.Please feel free to select an appointment through this link. Following that, you will receive a confirmation by email with the access