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Judes are leaking, not waterproof - what can I do?Updated 4 months ago

We totally understand that it's not satisfying when Judes are not yet reliably waterproof, because actually, this is one of our biggest strengths! Here are some points that can help prevent Judes from leaking.

  1. To remove the natural oils of the cotton plant as well as any residues from cotton fibers due to production, we recommend washing the inner diapers & boosters at least once at 60 degrees before using them. With each wash, the absorbency of your inner diapers will improve, until after about 8 washes maximum absorbency is reached. Alternatively, you can soak them in water overnight and then wash once at 60 degrees. It may well be that you need to change diapers a bit more frequently at the beginning - after the inner diaper has been washed in, Judes usually become very waterproof! 

  2. Moreover, the inner diaper must always be completely covered by the waterproof outer shell, otherwise moisture can be led outside. To help with this, you can also try tucking the ruffles of the leg cuffs of the inner diaper inward to make it narrower. 

  3. You can try our Booster to increase the absorbency of the diaper. If even with the booster the diaper becomes "too full", additional boosters can be inserted too. 

  4. Possibly, your changing interval is too long for your baby's urine output. During the day, it is normal and advisable to change the diaper every 2-3 hours . This is generally - whether with cloth diapers or disposables - healthiest for the child. Overnight, it's completely okay and usually perfectly possible to wear the diaper for 8 hours without changing. 

  5. It may also be that the absorbent material in the main pee zone is no longer sufficient, causing moisture to leak. Some babies like to urinate in a stream, the inner diaper can't absorb such a large amount of liquid in such a short time. The solution would be to place more absorbent material in the right spot. If you have a boy, the main pee zone is at the front of the diaper, for a girl it's more in the middle. So, you can place a halved booster at the front/middle in the diaper and see if that helps

  6. Are you using the liquid Aloe Vera Sensitive detergent from Frosch? Some Judes Families have reported back to us that this detergent hinders the moisture absorption of the cotton fabric. We find the detergent from Waschkampagne best, but there are also good alternatives in drugstores (e.g., from DM's own brand).

  7. If you are still using Size 1, it might also be time to switch to Size 2. This size has more absorbent material due to its larger size.

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