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I'm having issues with the detergent - what could be the reason?Updated 4 months ago

Are you using the Frosch Aloe Vera Sensitive Liquid Laundry Detergent? 

Indeed, several families have had issues with it (as well as with Frosch Citrus Powder Detergent). The Aloe Vera detergent can cause the cotton fabric to not absorb moisture well, leading to leaks (similar to fabric softener). 

We recommend using our Judes Family Care Laundry Detergent. It's perfectly tailored for diaper laundry and specially developed to be extra gentle on diapers and baby clothes. You can occasionally add oxygen bleach for deep cleaning.

The dosage of the laundry detergent is also very important to achieve optimal cleanliness. It should be adjusted according to the load of the drum. Many parents tend to use too much laundry detergent. This then deposits on the diapers after washing and can lead to skin irritations. Therefore, for safety, simply follow the dosing instructions on the package and adjust downwards for a drum that's not fully loaded.

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