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The diapers smell, what can I do? Stripping diapersUpdated 4 months ago

If the diapers smell, it can have various reasons. First, the question arises: When do the diapers smell?

1. The diapers smell after unwrapping
If the diaper has been on the child for a long time (diapering interval from 4h), e.g., overnight, urea breaks down into ammonia, which can then smell unpleasant. Generally, this is not a problem. If this still bothers you, you can shorten the diapering interval or add more absorbent material.

2. The diapers smell after washing
This should not be the case. Apparently, the diapers are not getting properly clean during washing.
Here are some points that constitute correct washing: Use a prewash that pumps out the water once. This way, the major dirt is already removed and the diapers are washed with clean water. No Eco programs or water-saving options. Diapers need a lot of water to become clean. Correctly dose the detergent. Check your detergent packaging for how the detergent should be dosed. Fill the drum only 3/4 full. This way, the diapers have enough room to move during washing.

3. The diapers smell immediately after they come into contact with urine
In this case, too, the diapers apparently are not entirely clean. Germs have settled and are reactivated upon contact with urine. Check point 2 for what to consider to get the diapers clean.

4. The diaper smells in the diaper bag
Storage can be optimized here. The diaper bag should hang in a cool, dry place where the air can circulate. No moist textiles that were in contact with water (e.g., rinsed diapers or homemade wet wipes) should be stored in the wetbag, as they also stimulate germ and odor formation.

If you have found the cause, we recommend stripping the diapers once before further use, meaning a thorough cleaning. Then you can start over from scratch :)

Milksäure (lactic acid) is best suited for this because it is relatively gentle for the diaper. Alternatively, you can also use citric acid if you cannot find lactic acid. For stripping, soak the diapers in lukewarm water with 2-3 tablespoons of lactic acid for a few hours (overnight works too) and then wash them regularly at 60 degrees. Use enough water to cover the diapers. At the same time or before washing, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the washing machine to eliminate all factors. For this, it's best to add 2-3 tablespoons of citric acid directly into the drum and then run an empty cycle at 90 degrees.

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