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Judes causes pressure marks - is that normal?Updated 4 months ago

To a certain extent, pressure marks are normal and do not bother the baby. Do you feel like your child is uncomfortable with the pressure from the elastics? Especially in babies who are not yet mobile, it can be quite normal for imprints to form (just as with socks, for example). We have also had customers where the marks went away after they dressed their baby in less tight clothing. Do the marks disappear shortly after you take off the diapers, or do they persist? If they disappear, it's a good indication that the marks are normal and okay.
If they do not disappear, please contact us via email at [email protected]. If possible, please send us a photo of how Judes fits on your baby. Then we can better assess the issue and help you!
Another thought: Is it possible for you to fasten the cover a bit more loosely (secure it less tightly with the Velcro)? Often, parents think that they should fit Judes tighter rather than looser. In fact, Judes also stays well sealed when worn loosely. If the marks are too severe, please let us know via email.

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